Unlock Your Natural State of Flow, Lightness and Alignment With A Life-Changing Clearing Session to Liberate YOU From Within

Soul Signature Paintings with
Catherine Foster

Are you tired of feeling stuck, blocked or out of alignment in your life? Imagine how it would feel to effortlessly flow with ease, clarity and lightness through each day.

  • Clear away the mental clutter, emotional baggage, physical tension and spiritual disconnection that has been weighing you down. 
  • Break free of limitations and start effortlessly attracting all the people, opportunities, ideas and experiences that are meant for your highest good.
  • Wake up each morning feeling spacious, energized and excited to take your life to a whole new level.

Here is your chance to liberate yourself from all obstacles, once and for all, so you can step fully into your greatness.

What Is A Soul Signature Painting?

The term “Soul Signature” has a spiritual or metaphysical connotation, referring to the distinctive essence or energy pattern inherent to each individual soul. Some believe every person possesses a singular “signature” reflecting their innermost character. Artist and healer Catherine Foster creates Soul Signature paintings as visual representations of a subject’s soul energy – their unique vibrational imprint.
Through intuitive perception and powerful healing techniques, Catherine translates the perceived qualities of a soul’s radiance into abstract forms and hues on canvas. Her works aim to offer insight into qualities like personality, purpose and spiritual qualities that define one on a soul level. Each living being emanates an identifiable vibrational imprint, and Catherine Foster’s artistic practice seeks to capture yours in painted form.

Who is this experience for?

  • Self-discovery seekers: Utilize it as a powerful tool for self-reflection and exploration, unveiling hidden facets and fostering substantial personal growth.
  • Those seeking personal growth: For connecting with their inner selves, exploring emotions, and translating profound journeys into visual art.
  • Open-minded individuals exploring identity: To delve deeply into their identity and inner world, experiencing a transformative journey impacting DNA codes and frequencies.
  • Life transitions: Find solace and clarity amid significant shifts like career or relationship changes.
  • Spiritual explorers: Elevate their spiritual journey with a tangible representation resonating deeply and impacting DNA.
  • Emotional healers: Discover an avenue for solace and empowerment through art, facilitating emotional healing and release.
  • Thoughtful gift givers: Present it as a heartfelt, distinctive gift radiating love, appreciation and transformation potential.
  • Artists: Spark inspiration by experimenting with capturing energy, emotions, and DNA harmonies.

In the end, the individualized nature of the artwork ensures a rich array of benefits, custom-fitted to each person’s unique journey, amplifying their very essence and advancing the expansion of their DNA codes and frequencies.

What You Receive

You will receive a one to two hours Zoom call where Catherine along with the help and spiritual guidance coming from total love, will create your one of a kind original Soul Signature Painting.
Value of $320.

We will send you the original 12″ x 18″ painting on sanded pastel paper sealed with clear coat spray.
Value of $600.

A digital copy of the original painting for you own use.
Value of $100.

Your very own instructional guide.
Value of $30

When you are done with this experience, you will realize a clearing of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks to bring you in alignment living from your soul and the highest aspect of yourself.
Value is priceless.

But You Won’t Pay $1,050.
Get All This For Just $550 (a $500 Savings)

Act Now and We Will Also Include Bonuses Worth $300:

But only if you order before the timer runs out.

Bonus #1

A video recording of Catherine creating your unique Soul Signature Painting
Value of $55.

Bonus #2

A one hour follow up meeting to review your painting, ask questions, and any additional clearing needed
Value of $160.

Bonus #3

Two free eBooks:
“The Art of Loving You”
“What is QCT Tapping”

Value of $40.

Bonus #4

Free Shipping with Insurance
(US Only)

Value of $45.

Hurry Up!

Here is What Others Have to Say…

Christy Edwards
The Most Wonderful Session
I just received the most wonderful session with Catherine Foster!! She is an extremely kind, thoughtful and gifted intuitive healer and artist. I have been going through a difficult few weeks and she went right to the areas that need attention the most and I didn’t even have to tell her what they were. She helped to bring ease, release and positive energy to those areas and gave me the most beautiful opportunity to do some forgiveness work, but also gave me the privacy to do it energetically instead of out loud. The intuitive soul drawing she did afterwards provided even more healing energy, peace and relief. It felt like deep, cleansing soul bath as I watched her create the art piece for me as she was intuitively led. I can’t wait to hang it on my wall and continue to receive the benefits of this gift! I am so grateful for this opportunity to receive this blessing and I highly recommend her services.
I Love My Soul Painting!
I love my soul painting. I look at it every day when I am adjusting. You just have a knowing, that I feel allows a person to be seen and heard. You have done so much for me, via different modalities,I have a hard time with just choosing one. Also, the words, wisdom and messages that come through for you to say, resonate deeply to what is in the present and even at the core journey. Trust…has been huge for me and you hones in on that from when you were here in Washington. I LOVE YOU! I feel no matter what you do people benefit on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I really feel we are to follow our heart, soul and what brings us joy…and THAT will bring the right people to you. I love you!
The Experience Was Extra Fun
I always enjoy working with Catherine, but this Soul Signature Painting experience was extra fun. Through her playful spirit, she pulled out elements of my experience—going through a major transition and move—and made them into art. She even intuited the house number of my new place. I’m proud to have this art to remind me of this time and revisit the frequencies encoded specifically for my situation. She also provided a recording and instructions on how to get the most use out of this gift. Thank you, Catherine, for sharing your healing art with me.
Beautiful Channeling Gifts!
Catherine’s beautiful channeling gifts bring wisdom and guidance and her channeled soul signature paintings put all of that guidance and healing energy into a painting that is used as a tool for healing, balancing, and guidance. Just by having the piece of custom-for- you art in your home, you have all of the energy and information as a beautiful tool for healing. As you work with your painting by meditating with it and allowing yourself to sit with it, you will notice different areas, colors, and symbols becoming the focus. You are absorbing the energy, information, and healing from each different thing. It’s an amazing experience and a beautiful and functional piece of art by a wonderfully gifted artist.
Lynde Thames

If you are interested in the ultimate experience, Catherine combines the Soul Signature Painting process with an oil painting on canvas with your portrait. Contact Catherine for more information.

Combine the process with an oil
painting on canvas with your portrait
It’s sooo valuable!!! I absolutely LOVE my painting!!
Johanna Gardner

About Catherine

Interested But Want to Know More?

Catherine Foster the Energetic Master Healer

Catherine stands as a versatile and gifted Master Healer Artist, traversing multiple dimensions. Her profound interests in personal growth, spirituality, and metaphysics seamlessly intertwine with her fervor for aiding others in discovering self-empowerment, wellness, and abundance.

Harnessing her expansive capabilities as a multi-dimensional being encompassing being a sacred alchemist, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, channeling and mediumship, she orchestrates connections with spiritual guides, celestial entities, and the higher self to impart messages and offer profound guidance.

Catherine Foster the Energetic Artist

Beyond her status as a millionaire artist, Catherine ingeniously melds her spiritual endowments with her artistic prowess. Every brushstroke carries the essence of her healing energy, resulting in what she aptly terms “Soul Signature Paintings.” These masterpieces are meticulously designed to foster an unceasing journey of healing, meditation, and self-awareness. As one’s vibrational frequencies ascend, these paintings diligently elevate the frequencies and codes imbued within, perpetually propelling the transformative process forward. Catherine’s artwork is in collections, private, corporate and medical facilities in the US, Canada, France, England, Italy, Greece, Japan, Australia.

Catherine Foster - Energetic Healing Artist Master Healer
Catherine Foster
675 Sandpiper Place
Rio Vista, CA 94571

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