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Create Life Consciously

Life is interesting right? I have been in transition shifting gears in my career. I have been an artist for at least 45+ years. But within the last 2+ years my spiritual guidance I am the energy healer that was hiding behind the artist. For years I have always put healing energy into the artwork. But GOD has been knocking my door, or head .. to activate those healing abilities that I have had since I was a child, yet ignored them. So excited to share with the world who I really am. 

To start the new way I am moving in my career is this book I just finished and published. 


The Art of Loving YOU!

Thank you ahead of time for helping on the path for me to help more people to love themselves and walking in their light shining  their unique gifts out to the world.

Please click this link now to enjoy “The Art of Loving You” and help me create more books, healing artworks, and teaching healing.

Blessings Catherine