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Testimonials for Catherine Foster

I always enjoy working with Catherine, but this Soul Signature Painting experience was extra fun. Through her playful spirit, she pulled out elements of my experience—going through a major transition and move—and made them into art. She even intuited the house number of my new place. I’m proud to have this art to remind me of this time and revisit the frequencies encoded specifically for my situation. She also provided a recording and instructions on how to get the most use out of this gift. Thank you, Catherine, for sharing your healing art with me.- Melissa Drake

I had an insightful, healing, beautiful session with Catherine- M- Foster yesterday! Not only is she kind and gentle, she is in intuitive. She walked me through some healing breaths and thoughts then I was was in awe as she painted what was brought to her during our time together. She shared the masterpiece with me and encouraged me to look at it in all sorts of ways (upside down, sideways, flipped, etc.) so that I can glean the beauty and wisdom emanating from this art piece. I look forward to our time together in the future and highly recommend each one of you request a session. Thank you, Catherine! Susie Vybiral

“Catherine is a one of a kind INCREDIBLE healer and artist. As a powerful medical intuitive, she visually SAW inside my body and helped me connect some emotional trauma to explain why I was having the physical pain. I literally felt the pain disappear as we worked together and was so grateful for her healing insights. I admire Catherine so much. She’s so amazingly talented and has a heart of gold. You’ll be forever touched by her magic.” Johanna Gardner Intuitive Business Coach

Catherine- M- Foster is an enthusiastic and gifted healer. Her laugh and magnificent energy is contagious. Working with Catherine allowed me to easily connect to my higher self and expand and strengthen my energy effortlessly. Her tapping modality was supportive and gentle way to release. I throughly enjoyed my time with her. Xo Mariah Kimball 

I recently had the privilege of working with an amazing energy healer, Catherine Foster. The experience was like nothing I had ever experienced before! She has the warmest presence that made me feel instantly at ease, and she had a way of connecting with me that made me feel like I could trust her. She was very knowledgeable and explained the healing process in a way that made it easy to understand. During the session, I felt a deep sense of relaxation, and I found myself in a state of calmness and clarity that I hadn’t experienced in a while. I felt as if I was being guided through a healing journey and I left the session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find some balance and alignment in their lives. She was able to help me find a sense of inner peace that I didn’t even know I was missing! ~Michele B

I had such a delightful session with Catherine Foster. She helped me connect with spirit guides, recall essential learnings, and address necessary forgiveness. When we were finished, I felt lighter, more energetic, and hopeful about what’s to come. As a practitioner, Catherine is fun, energetic, and full of intuitive knowledge. I’d not experienced her specific modalities before, but I was comfortable, safe, and eager to soak up all the goodness she shared with me. Melissa Drake

There’s such a sense of peace that fell over me in my session with Catherine. Simple to follow but a profound understanding of what I could do to make a difference in the area that was bothering me. Thank you, Catherine!- Sandy Parker

I received a beautiful soul session, receiving from my friend, soul sister, healer, intuitive and artist, Catherine Foster. It was one of the most unique offerings combining an energetic healing session with a soul painting, that she was guided to create in the process. What is more, I felt called to open my heart more today (as I have felt the urge to be in silence) in sharing to yours through my hands and sacred sound! Sending YOU much DIVINE LOVE, LIGHT, and TRUTH for this journey we each are on in growing and evolving into higher states of consciousness for ourselves and the planet. –Dr.Cheryl Berry

I had a beautiful experience with Catherine Foster. She made a beautiful painting for me that was so meaningful and helpful. I felt like I have known her for years. I was so happy I found myself screaming with joy! I felt safe, seen, and supported. Highly recommended! Alia Ghosheh

I just received the most wonderful session with Catherine Foster!! She is an extremely kind, thoughtful and gifted intuitive healer and artist. I have been going through a difficult few weeks and she went right to the areas that need attention the most and I didn’t even have to tell her what they were. She helped to bring ease, release and positive energy to those areas and gave me the most beautiful opportunity to do some forgiveness work, but also gave me the privacy to do it energetically instead of out loud. The intuitive soul drawing she did afterwards provided even more healing energy, peace and relief. It felt like deep, cleansing soul bath as I watched her create the art piece for me as she was intuitively led. I can’t wait to hang it on my wall and continue to receive the benefits of this gift! I am so grateful for this opportunity to receive this blessing and I highly recommend her services. 💕💕 Christy Edwards

Catherine Foster is magical!!! Had an awesome session with her yesterday where she helped me release a LOT of energy! She has such a great personality and is super intuitive and was able to guide me easily through the process. I can tell that a LOT has shifted during our session. Thanks Catherine! Monique

My experience with Catherine was just mind blowing! I know that’s a understatement! A well known phrase, but it really was. I had pain in my feet, toes, and legs. The pain dissipated and my body felt tingly. There was a beautiful light that came over my lower extremities and I could just feel the love the healing that was taking place. Catherine picked up on those very important places she discovered in me and the healing began. It’s so beautiful what’s happening. It’s definitely from a power greater ( GOD) that was present. . My experience with this healing will help me so much! Thank you Catherine for all you do for us/me. I’m so glad I said YES TO THIS INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! So much love! You can’t imagine!Words can’t describe what I’m feeling still, as I write this! –Debra Thain

Catherine, what a gift I have received…to be able to at any moment, look at my soul painting and continue receiving the powerful healing and activating energies held within it! You are a clear channel of divine love frequencies that with your unique artistic abilities are able to capture and transmit into your paintings! I am so grateful for this gift! ~ Dumari St. Angelo The True Love Coach and channel for the White Light Council

I did a 30 min soul signature painting. I think it was right on the money (the current & coming events in my life). It was very relaxing & revealed some things that I had kind of let go tho king they wouldn’t happen. The colors Catherine picked happen to be eerily similar to a bracelet I had in my purse.- CG

I’ve known Catherine for over 30 years and her talent and energy still amaze me. Artist and healer is a perfect way to describe her…along with intuitive, kind, playful and always seeking a better way for clients to recognize their spiritual potential. A friend once said to me “I don’t know where Catherine gets all her energy to paint and do so much”. I replied “Doing what she loves is what gives her energy!”. As long as I’ve known Catherine, she has looked into the present to see what gifts she and her clients can recognize and bring into the world. She is truly a gift and blesses many with her gifts…yet I believe she would say, she is blessed by her clients. Her light shines brightly and reflects back the light of others. Sheryl Allen, Friend, Client

I am so grateful to have had a session with Catherine.  She is a gifted healer. Her inner knowing and powerful connection to her intuition, increased my awareness of what I needed to bring into balance, and it was exactly what I needed.  Catherine’s energies are very powerful and pure.  She works from her heart, and from her desire to help others awaken to their own inner guidance.Having a session with Catherine is life changing. Kayla Wentworth

Catherine is very gentle and encouraging at the same time.  She has helped me tap into a part of myself that I hadn’t seen in a while. During our sessions she was able to relay messages that helped  me realize that I was holding onto deep grief that was blocking me from moving on forward. I’ve learned so much in our time together about love, light, energy and angels.  I’m so very thankful!  😊 thank you so very much! Sonya Larson

During the painting, I felt connected and clear and had some messages coming through. We kept clearing and releasing energy the whole time. When I saw the painting at the end, it immediately resonated and felt like “me”. It’s helped me to continually reconnect with my whole being and much more easily return to my true North.The visual aspect has been immensely helpful for me, making it feel very real and tangible. This has been a priceless gift for me that continues to give. Thank you Catherine for your special ability and talent to channel this through.- Rachel R

I want to give a big shoutout to Catherine Foster ~ what an incredible Master Healer who gifted me a beautiful Soul Painting & Healing. Catherine was able to pinpoint most to my physical ailments & provide relief & healing. We worked on timelines & she created this incredible Soul Portrait for me that I am going to hang in my healing room. Catherine is such a gifted healer & I am blessed to have received her services! With gratitude! Deb DeWilde

Dear Daarling Catherine, Thank you so MUCH, I get so much just from looking at the print outs, the energy zooms into me, calming, soothing and feeding my soul.You are so so special and yesterday was such a special event having you on skype for all that time and all your words of wisdom and this amazing drawing. I still feel the energy, harmonising and uplifting me. Thank you, you special, special lady. lots of love and many heart hugs from the depth of my heart. Marg.



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